Yesterday was finally the day when I was able to collect my prize.

As usual the ‘do’ was in St. Mary’s hall, in the Council house – a great place, full of atmosphere. My irreverent thought was that I should go dressed in my gardening finery – muddy wellies and dirty gardening trousers and sweater. But that thought went and I dressed as I should, smart-casual.

It was a very pleasant evening and what made it even better was that our Lord Mayor is an allotment gardener himself so he could fully appreciate our hard work.


I managed to get 170 point out of 200 possible and that was 2 points more than the winning men’s entry! I think we should get rid of the ‘ladies’ and ‘men’ sections and just have one overall category. I can dig as good (or better) as any man!

There’s a challenge!

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