It is sad state of affairs that a gardener has to have some other activities than gardening. I know I can work in the greenhouse preparing seedlings or even on the allotment I can sort out the polytunnel but all this comes to an end.

I know, there is always housework – but I have a man who is very handy with the vacuum cleaner and I can’t get in his way. I’ve got my blanket making. I crochet squares – they were called granny squares – and then laboriously stitch them together.

These blankets were really white baby shawls and I think I made around 20 of them. They went to Ireland, Scotland and all over England. The present one is different.

I found out that our Charterhouse will have on the last Saturday in September a stall in aid of Cancer research. First of all I offered to donate some of my home-made jam and pickles but then I got the idea of the blanket.

It is multi-coloured and the approximate size is 130cm x 110cm and we shall raffle it.


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