I was looking some time ago for some different vegetables to grow and found a type of kale I’ve never heard about. It is called Daubenton kale and it seems to grow and then produce offshoots which can be broken off and rooted. This site offered some, as and when they would be ready.

I’m ready to try anything so I asked to be put on the list. After a while I forgot all about it but a few days ago I got an email asking if I still wanted the plant. Of course I did!

A very nice-sounding lady from the nursery gave me all possible information and for a small payment which covered postage I received my plant today.

I didn’t waste any time and the new arrival is planted and hopefully growing in one of my brassica net tunnels.

I’m sure it will grow well in here, this is my first net tunnel; I experimented and lined the bottom half with garden fleece because I wanted to plant the cabbages and curly kale plants quite early. Considering the miserable weather we’ve been having, they did rather well.

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