Some time ago we were contacted by somebody from the Allotment association and they wanted to know if we wouldn’t mind having a bee hive on our allotment. We asked all our members and after explaining where the hive would be placed everybody agreed.

Frank made the hive himself (he was used to have a large number of hives and also allotment plots but due to ill-health he had to scale down; he still has a few hives). He told us that he’ll bring us the next swarm. He was true to his word but the bees didn’t settle and left us.

In the autumn he came again with another swarm and this time they settled in and when I saw Frank today he was very pleased with them we might even get some honey.

I think it is a great thing to have them on the site, it can only be good for our plants. I’m sure I’ve seen more bees on my fruit trees than ever before.

I’m going to sow some wild flower mix around my shed there, also around the fruit cage and in some other empty spots, to encourage them.

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