Today was the turn of the Red Rooster potatoes, I managed to make three rows out of all my chitted ones. That brings the potato planting to an end.

Other things are going on though – I had to earth up the one row of the early Kestrel, they’re already coming through. Can’t chance it, the nights are still quite chilly.

Hoping to plant some of my cabbages to the newly protected net tunnel, they have been outside in the veranda for quite a while.

All the courgette and squash seeds have germinated, it’ll be a tight squeeze in the greenhouse!

Most of the tomato seeds are coming through as well and I think some aubergines – when nothing happened after a long time in the seed trays I emptied the trays on the soil inside the greenhouse, under the bench; every seed looks like germinating! That’ll be huge – never managed to grow aubergines well before!

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