The weather is not very good still, even though it is Easter (but only the start of April!) I decided to take the risk and sow some beetroot and radishes. The ground was ready so it just needed raking and the job was soon done.

I’m trying to be organised this year and label everything – rather than just thinking ‘that might be so and so…’ so the rows of potatoes have got a name now.


Amazing how the weeds grow – if everything grew like them I’d be delighted and the plot would feed the whole neighbourhood! An hour of back-breaking work and it all looks much better; I did the onions and garlic beds and also the strawberry beds.

After all this hard work I just had a little wonder around the plot and took some photos just to see how things are getting on. The asian pear is almost flowering and so is my rescued little conference pear.

The rhubarb looks very good, almost a work of art. It tastes good too as we found out yesterday!


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