I was making my mind up about forcing one or two of my rhubarb crowns this year. Some time ago I covered both the rhubarb and the paths between my raspberries with woodchips and I think that was the reason I forgot about the forcing – I couldn’t see any of the crowns.

I had a very nice surprise today when I went there to do a bit of work – some of the rhubarb was big enough to be picked so of course I did.


The weather was much better than the forecast had said and I managed to put in one row of the very early Swift potatoes and two rows of Lady Christl. The ground didn’t feel too bad, certainly wasn’t too wet. Also I sowed two lines of turnips and one of swede, it will be interesting if the birds will leave the seedlings alone – they didn’t in the past and I had to put a net over the swede bed.

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