I wasn’t quite sure if my winter lettuce would actually survive the winter. I planted the seedlings in the autumn, variety All year round. Some were in one of the net tunnels and some in the open ground. This was the first time I tried this and it seems to have worked.


They grew until it got cold and then stopped. I thought they might just wither and perish, but they just sat there and this is what they look like now.

I’ve got hight hopes that with the weather improving they might grow a bit more and we shall have some early lettuce.

Of course, there are lettuce seeds in a seed tray in the greenhouse, hopefully they’ll sprout soon and will then be transplanted on the ‘farm’ and in the bottom bed in the greenhouse.

You can’t have too much lettuce – I grow a mix so we shall have the ‘cut and come again’ type and the Iceberg type too.

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