It is never too early to start on the plot, as long as the weather is reasonable and the ground isn’t too wet.

It was an ideal afternoon to go there today and get going. Not only was I able to harvest the rest of the swedes but also get the raised beds ready.

I was forced to grow swede under cover because the pigeons developed a great liking for them. Thanks to the fact that I put the swedes in my raised beds and put the mesh over them I had something to show for my troubles.


I like swede and they keep well once harvested so we shall have a variety of dishes next week.

I also put some leaf mold into the empty beds, ready to grow my courgettes there later in the year. Because swede is in the brassica family I can’t grow cabbages there this year. Never mind, I’ve got enough space.

I keep digging my parsnips out, a few every now and then. The ground hasn’t been too frozen so far and they keep well, right into March if necessary.


Even managed to do a bit of digging and moved one of the cold frames, they are now all in one row, more organised and I gained some space to put up some wigwams for climbing beans.


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