One of my many presents I had for Christmas was an amazing tool. Years ago I had a small version of it but by sheer overuse I managed to render it almost useless. The official name is an azada, it’s a double tool, a mix of a garden hoe and a mattock. Basically, a serious piece of kit.

It is all well and good to have modern tools with removable bits here and there but you can’t beat a standard traditional tool which will do exactly what you expect it to do and, with care, will last for years.

I think I’d better take care and live for another 25 years at least to get the most out of this tool and all the other innovations and constructions on the allotment.


I have already treated the handle with some oil and now am just waiting to start using it. It suggests all sorts of uses, from breaking heavy soil to getting a ridge ready for potato planting.

Had a good read on the site from where I got the azada (Get Digging) and by the looks of it they have a good range of different tools, I might think of either adding some or getting a good replacement for a worn-out tool in the future.

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